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Acquisition of ecophysiologically relevant morphometric data of fossil leaves

About the database MORPHYLL

Fossil angiosperm leaves are important study objects in palaeobotany and provide crucial information on plant evolution, the distribution of taxa in space and time and changes in vegetation structure. Furthermore, numerous morphological and anatomical traits of angiosperm leaves show correlations with climate which renders fossil angiosperm leaves valuable indicators of palaeoclimate. Numerous important collections of fossil leaf floras with a high research potential are housed in Museums in Germany and other European countries. The database MORPHYLL was initiated by the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart (SMNS) to facilitate access to these objects.

Database content
MORPHYLL contains data of digitized fossil leaves from various collections and allows for a net based access. Various types of database search are possible. Besides searching for specific taxa or locations, also morphometric searches are possible. Currently, MORPHYLL mainly contains material from the Paleogene. For information on the current status of the database content and contact data, see "Material/Collections" and "Database Synopsis". Taxon identification corresponds to the actual taxonomic status of the specimen within the collection. Please note that MORPHYLL is continuously expanded and currently in the state of completion of various data. MORPHYLL is not responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided.

Database access
Metadata such as names of the contributing institutions storing the fossil leaf collections, specimen accession numbers, taxonomic affiliation and thumbnails are public available. To get full access to the complete set of data including morphometry and high resolution images, please contact the curator of fossil plants at SMNS ( Please note the Terms of Use.

How to cite
Traiser C., Roth-Nebelsick A., Lange J. & Kovar-Eder J. (2015): MORPYHLL - database for acquisition of ecophysiologically relevant morphometric data of fossil leaves. Version 1.0; State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart;; doi: 10.17616/R3PQ07

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