Cataloguing and Digitisation
(Scientific Library Services and Information Systems)

Acquisition of ecophysiologically relevant morphometric data of fossil leaves

Database Synopsis

This synopsis shows a compilation of stored data in MORPHYLL with regard to fossil localities their number of fossil leaf entities (see menu "How to search"), stratigraphic position and institutions hosting the collections. The data are ordered according to descending stratigraphic age. Please note that in order to generate leaf morphometric data only angiosperm leaves which are not highly fragmented are incorporated in the database. Thus, the real number of specimen in the collections might be higher than listed here.

Number of specimen Fossil locality Age Institution City
3 not given not det. - -
185 Willershausen Piacenzian SMNS Stuttgart
35 Kreuzau Messinian RBINS Brussels
2 Mataschen Tortonian NHM Vienna
14 Steinheim Serravalian SMNS Stuttgart
20 Oehningen Langhian ETH-ERD Zurich
10 Schrotzburg Langhian ETH-ERD Zurich
54 Eferding Egerian NHM Vienna
5 not given Egerian NHM Vienna
13 Linz-Ebelsberg Aquitanian NHM Vienna
87 Linz-Pucking Aquitanian NHM Vienna
42 Linz-Weikerlsee Aquitanian NHM Vienna
30 Borna-Ost/Bockwitz Chattian MMG Dresden
417 Enspel Chattian GDKE Mainz
331 Kleinsaubernitz Chattian MMG Dresden
27 Rott Chattian RBINS Brussels
81 Witznitz Chattian MMG Dresden
1 Floersheim Rupelian SMB (cooperation not possible - collection inaccessible) Frankfurt
232 Frauenweiler Rupelian SMNS Stuttgart
30 Haselbach Rupelian MMG Dresden
259 Markvartice u Decina Rupelian NMP Prague
2 not given Rupelian - -
16 Schleenhain Rupelian MMG Dresden
254 Seifhennersdorf Rupelian MMG Dresden
222 Cesky Chloumek Priabonian NMP Prague
18 Haselbach Priabonian MMG Dresden
150 Klausa Priabonian MMG Dresden
15 Knau Priabonian MMG Dresden
11 Peres Priabonian MMG Dresden
119 Schleenhain Priabonian MMG Dresden
32 Stare Sedlo Priabonian NHM Vienna
236 Svatava - Na piskach Priabonian NMP Prague
13 Geiseltal (Kayna-S) Bartonian/Priabonian MfN Berlin
23 Profen Bartonian/Priabonian MMG Dresden
1079 Kuclin Bartonian NMP Prague
48 Profen Bartonian MMG Dresden
1 Eckfeld Lutetian - -
1090 Geiseltal (Neumark-S) Lutetian MfN Berlin
1 Messel Lutetian SMB (cooperation not possible - collection inaccessible) Frankfurt
222 Sezanne Thanetian MNHN Paris
31 Sezanne Thanetian NHM Vienna
28 Sezanne Thanetian RBINS Brussels
82 Gelinden Selandian MNHN Paris
39 Gelinden Selandian NHM Vienna
489 Gelinden Selandian RBINS Brussels
585 Menat Selandian MNHN Paris
1 Brezno (Priesen) - RBINS Brussels
1 Unterwohlbach - SMNS Stuttgart