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Acquisition of ecophysiologically relevant morphometric data of fossil leaves

MORPYHLL - database for acquisition of ecophysiologically relevant morphometric data of fossil leaves

The showcase below demonstrates the applied methods and data types stored in the database. For further details see "Methods".
The different types of leaf outlines can toggled on and off in the upper right corner of the image. The scale is represented by grid cells of 1x1 cm². Quantitative data below are based on the replenished leaf outline.

Platanus neptuni

Stuttgart: SMNS_P-1952-130

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
accession SMNS_P-1952-130
institution Stuttgart - State Museum of Natural History
acronym SMNS
locality Frauenweiler
region Baden-Wuerttemberg
country Germany
age Rupelian
epoch Oligocene
taxon Platanus neptuni

qualitative data
leaf lobation unlobed
leaf margin serrate toothed
leaf size class notophyll
leaf shape elliptic
prim. vein framework pinnate
sec. vein framework not visible
petiole not preserved

quantitative data
CIC 109
lamina area [mm²] 2630.4
lamina perimeter [mm] 313.4
lamina length [mm] 138.5
lamina width [mm] 33.1
lamina centroid [%] 46.7
lamina circularity [-] 0.34
lamina l/w ratio [-] 4.2
shape index [mm²] 885.4
area index [-] 0.97